Charges and fees

This page will give you an overview of the different provisions for airport charges.

General provisions

For aircraft using Bornholm Airport, charges are levied in accordance with these regulations on charges and fees.

Subsection 2. All charges are stated exclusive of VAT.

Subsection 3. The charges are subject to VAT in accordance with the legal provisions in force at any given time.

Take-off charges

Based on the aircraft’s maximum take-off mass (MTOM) indicated on the airworthiness certificate/in the flight manual, the following amount is levied for each take-off:


 Per 1,000 kg or part thereof

 Minimum fee

Aircraft up to 2,000 kg


 DKK 66.00

Aircraft over 2,000 kg

  DKK 36.00

 DKK 168.00

Passenger charges

No passenger charges are levied for use of Bornholm Airport. 

Parking charges

A parking charge is levied for an aircraft’s stay at the airport in the open air per 24-hour period or part thereof in addition to the first six hours per 1,000 kg or part thereof of the aircraft’s MTOM indicated on the airworthiness certificate/in the flight manual.

Parking charge per 1,000 kg or part thereof

  DKK 10.00

Minimum fee

 DKK 36.00

Subsection 2. Parking charges may, where a space is being rented for a period of at least one month, be replaced by a rental fee set according to an agreement made with the airport.

The rental fee must be paid in advance and will not be refunded, even if the parking stay ends up being for a shorter period. Subletting is not permitted.

Opening charges

Opening outside normal opening hours

DKK 1,250 per hour or part thereof

Opening outside normal opening hours

that requires fire preparedness

 DKK 3,100 per hour or part thereof

Opening times outside normal opening hours: For the opening and use of the airport outside normal opening hours, a charge is levied per hour or part thereof from the time at which the airport is opened on request and until flight handling etc. is completed or until the airport’s normal opening time. If current regulations require fire preparedness, or if this is requested, a higher charge will be levied. See the airport’s opening hours here.

Subsection 2. Opening charges are levied for each individual aircraft, regardless of whether a request to open the airport has already been made.

Subsection 3. If a request has been made to open the airport for simultaneous use by several aircraft belonging to the same airline, only one charge will be levied per hour or part thereof, based on the aircraft to which the highest charge applies.

Subsection 4. In cases where the airport has 30 days’ advance notice of the opening, the opening charge is reduced by 25%.

Handling services

Platform service (airside)                

(Contact the airport for information)

Passenger handling (landside)

 (Contact the airport for information)

Ground marshalling

DKK 492.00

Additional services

Deicer prices     


  DKK 42 


  DKK 50.28


Heater GPU AXA 28 V

DKK 54.36

Heater GPU diesel

(Contact the airport for information)

Heater GPU 115 V

(Contact the airport for information)


(Contact the airport for information)

Toilet service     

(Contact the airport for information)


(Contact the airport for information)


(Contact the airport for information)

Fuel prices

Find recommended prices from Shell Aviation in DKK/L here.

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