Operational data

If you need to take off and land at Bornholm Airport, you will need the following technical information.

Technical data

Airport name: Bornholm Airport
Managing authority: The Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority (www.trafikstyrelsen.dk)
Mailing address: Søndre landevej 2. DK-3700 Rønne
Phone: +45 56 95 26 26
Fax: +45 56 93 02 22
E-mail: ekrn@trafikstyrelsen.dk
Website: www.bornholms-lufthavn.dk
Nearest town: Rønne 5 km
Airport reference point: 55 03 48N 014 45 34E
Fire and rescue service: CAT 5 and scheduled aircraft, Fire and Rescue Service CAT 6 and 7 PPR
Runway classifications: Code: 4C,Type: PA-1, Length: 2,000 m., Surface: Asphalt
Taxiway: Taxiway A, B and C - asphalt
Forecourt: Concrete and asphalt
Danish time: Summer UTC + 2 hours, Winter UTC + 1 hour
Navigation aids: ILS/DME CAT 1, VOR, Locator FAU, VDF
Height above sea level: 52 FT
ICAO abbreviation: EKRN
IATA abbreviation: RNN
Airport Manager: Jimmi Holm Hansen
Air service:  Naviair

Overview map and weather

Plan your landing and departure from Bornholm Airport using the overview map and information on current weather conditions from the Danish Meteorological Institut.

Oversigtskort over lufthavnen i stort format

Download overview map

Overview map

  Oversigtskort over lufthavnen i lille format

Download overview map

Overview map

Information about the weather conditions

DMI's weather page concerning Bornholm

Metar og taf

Opening hours

Summer opening hours:

Monday to Friday

UTC 04:00 to 20:45

LT 06:00 to 22:45


UTC 06:00 to 17:00

LT 08:00 to 19:00


UTC 06:00 to 20:45

LT 08:00 to 22:45

Winter opening hours:     

Monday to Friday

UTC 05:00 to 21:45

LT 06:00 to 22:45


UTC 07:00 to 15:00

LT 08:00 to 16:00


UTC 07:00 to 21:45

LT 08:00 to 22:45

Check NOTAMs for opening hours at Christmas, Easter and on other public holidays.

Opening times outside normal opening hours: For the opening and use of the airport outside normal opening hours, a charge of DKK 1,250.00 is levied per hour or part thereof from the time the airport is opened on request and until flight handling etc. is completed or until the airport’s normal opening time. However, if current regulations require fire preparedness, or if this is requested, a higher charge of DKK 3,100.00 per hour or part thereof will be levied.

Contact information

Bornholm Airport
Søndre Landevej 2
DK-3700, Rønne

Tel.: +45 56 95 26 26

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